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To Our Prospective Clients, 


We look forward to providing you with a full suite of Architectural and Engineering Design Services for any type of upcoming project. Each of our past opportunities reflect a unique and distinctively different design solution, in adaptation to our Client’s specific needs, project criteria, and funding.


The firm of Robert P. Resch. III - Architect is West Coast Florida based, providing full service “Design Excellence”. Robert is NCARB registered in Florida and Nationally, with over 38 years of experience and 24 years in private practice. Our qualifications allows us to provide Architecture, Engineering, and Interior Design both in the United States and Internationally. Our other regions of practice include the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Saudi Arabia and more


Our suite of Architectural services include Building Design, Construction Administration, Master Planning, Space Planning, Construction Documents, Permit Coordination, Feasibility Studies and more. High efficiency in both our core team and operating costs allow us to target the most competitive fees for our clients and partners.

- Robert

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