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“My staff and I were extremely excited to move our operations into the building you designed for us. We have received many compliments since our Grand Opening from our Clients and City of Clearwater Commissioners” 


“Your design incorporated all of the key ideas for my initial concept. Your involvement through construction, combined with your enthusiasm, brought my concept to life. Your confidence in my ideas, along with your initial research and input, made it possible”


“It was a wonderful experience and one of excitement and joy working with you throughout the entire time. From inception to completion, from your presentations to the various Boards and Committees for approval, to final CO (Certificate of Occupancy) you were indispensable to us” 


“I was immediately impressed with Robert and his work. Not only was the design excellent on my new facility, he was with me every step of the way, throughout the whole building process” 


“Your presentation was professional, dignified and convincing. This was all confirmed by the remarks and vote of the Community Development Board”


“As the project moved from the design to construction phase, the monitoring and flexibility shown by your firm went above and beyond” 


“The owners are very pleased with the accuracy of your construction drawings. You delivered on our short schedule, which really made the difference”


“Robert's knowledge and professionalism will be used as a standard of measure for future City projects. His attitude and enthusiasm is quite refreshing” 


“Robert paid close attention to each detail while seeking input from school and school board staff. He made himself available to the school team when needed and his communication style was precise, clear and transparent”


“Working with Robert has been a pleasure as he listens to our needs with care and creativity. The details of the construction drawings helped move the process along a speedy route to completion, coordinating well with county and local officials”

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